Company Profile


PTC Glos. was formed in 2017 in partnership with providers to combat the challenges our county faces in recruiting and retaining a caring, committed and competent workforce. · We aim to raise the profile of careers in care, in order to reach out to people in all walks of life, attracting those with the right values to discover how fulfilling and rewarding delivering person centred care and empowering support can be · Engage and support 16-24 years old into the sector by showcasing the CAREER opportunities available within the county. · We have a dedicated website, which hosts a ‘one-stop shop’ jobs portal where all care organisations in the county can advertise their vacancies (adverts only last for 6 weeks meaning that all of our vacancies are current and up to date)

About Proud to Care (Resource)

Proud to Care Gloucester is a Gloucestershire County Council recruitment & retention strategy for the Health & Social Care Sector. The work we do is vital in ensuring the services of Adult Social Care are delivered to the best quality by the right people.